Arches National Pk.-2011
(Contains 10 photos)
Arches National Pk.-2011 portfolio
Canyonlands National Park
(Contains 13 photos)
Canyonlands National Park portfolio

This is another of Utah's five national parks. Canyonlands is huge, and covers an area of over 500 square miles.
(Contains 13 photos)
Canyonlands-2011 portfolio
Zion National Pk.- 2011
(Contains 12 photos)
Zion National Pk.- 2011 portfolio
Antelope Slot Canyon
(Contains 15 photos)
Antelope Slot Canyon portfolio
Arches National Park
(Contains 17 photos)
Arches National Park portfolio

Arches is only one of five National Parks located in the state of Utah. This is a place where anyone and everyone would marvel over the more than 2000 arches that dot the landscape
of this fantastic place.
Photographers of every level will be like a child in a candy store taking photos of these magnificent naturally formed arches, spires, towers and balanced rocks.
Rainbow Bridge-2011
(Contains 7 photos)
Rainbow Bridge-2011 portfolio
Monument Valley
(Contains 10 photos)
Monument Valley portfolio
Lake Powell - Arizona-Utah
(Contains 9 photos)
Lake Powell - Arizona-Utah portfolio
Capital Reef National Park
(Contains 10 photos)
Capital Reef National Park portfolio

Capital Reef is a very diverse but very intresting and beautiful park. As a photographer, you will find yourself caught between many different sites to photograph. There are Cottonwood trees, Navajo Sandstone structures, buttes and domes molded by the erosion of weather; and don't forget the majestic backdrop of the Henry Mountains.
(Contains 49 photos)
Flowers portfolio

The photos in this portfolio will be a mix of flowers that were taken at various locations throughout my travels.
(Contains 35 photos)
Out-and-About portfolio

These are photos that taken at various locations; no specific park, travel or vacation spot. Most will not be named or titled, and will be identified by an image number only.
Bryce Canyon National Park
(Contains 7 photos)
Bryce Canyon National Park portfolio

This National Park is unlike any other park that I visited so far. You are greeted by this huge amphitheater of stone structures as you approach the rim. The structures known as "HOODOOS" are monolithic sandstone spires that have been weathered and shaped by the forces of nature.
Zion National Park
(Contains 15 photos)
Zion National Park portfolio

Zion National Park; one of the five national parks of Utah is known for it's red sandstone peaks and plateaus. The park's size is about 225sq.miles at an elevation of 4,000 to 9,000ft.
Red Canyon; Utah
(Contains 6 photos)
Red Canyon; Utah portfolio

Red Canyon is a spectacular area of red rock formations in a location known as Dixie National Forest. Unlike it's bigger brothers in the state of Utah, it is not a national park. The forest area lies just 9 miles outside of Bryce Canyon Nat'l. Pk.
You get a sense of what HOODOOS are as you pass through Red Canyon marveling at the awesome red sandstone structures and ponderosa pine trees.
Grand Canyon - North Rim
(Contains 5 photos)
Grand Canyon - North Rim portfolio

The north rim of the Grand Canyon is unlike the west rim because there is no view of the Colorado River.
Still a very interesting rim to visit and photograph.
Grand Teton National Park
(Contains 23 photos)
Grand Teton National Park portfolio

Grand Teton National Pk., in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in part of the greater Yellowstone ecosystem. The serrated peaks of the Tetons are a very impressive section of the Rocky Mountains.
The Berkshires
(Contains 4 photos)
The Berkshires portfolio

Photos in this portfolio will have been taken in The Berkshires
of western Massachusetts; predominately in the area of Mount Greylock State Reservation.
Grand Canyon - west rim
(Contains 4 photos)
Grand Canyon - west rim portfolio

This side of the Grand Canyon is owned and operarted by the Native Americans there (Havasupai); and most of the area is completely open and un-fenced.
Yellowstone National Park
(Contains 14 photos)
Yellowstone National Park portfolio

Yellowstone is a park with very interesting geologic features. Old Faithful may be it's most recognized attraction, but there are many amazing sites to Yellowstone; that make it one of the most traveled in the country.
Zion National Pk. - 2012
(Contains 12 photos)
Zion National Pk. -  2012 portfolio
(Contains 21 photos)
Animals portfolio
(Contains 31 photos)
Birds portfolio
(Contains 20 photos)
Insects portfolio
Canyon de Chelly
(Contains 25 photos)
Canyon de Chelly portfolio

Canyon de Chelly (pronounced d'SHAY) was established as a National Monument in 1931 to maintain the record of human history. Records show that early Pueblo people inhabited these canyons for nearly 5000 yrs. It now lies within the nearly 84,000 acres of the Navajo reservation.
Mesa Verde National Park
(Contains 15 photos)
Mesa Verde National Park portfolio
Portland, Maine
(Contains 3 photos)
Portland, Maine portfolio
Grand Canyon-South Rim
(Contains 10 photos)
Grand Canyon-South Rim portfolio